Micellar Water | Beautiful clear skin with Cleansing Water | Bifesta | mandom

Remove waterproof & heavy makeup

  • 360ml


Skin lotion-derived Moisturizing Cleansing Water for
thorough makeup removal

TThis product contains a moisturizing ingredient usually found in skin lotion that has high affinity with oily ingredients of makeup.
The moisturizing/cleansing ingredients, which quickly "float" and wrap oil-based makeup,
you can easily remove makeup without rubbing, keeping the face area fresh and moisturized.

Dual Layer Cleansing Water that thoroughly removes
waterproof & heavy face makeup

The dual-layer micellar water contains skin lotion-derived cleansing ingredients that effectively removes stubborn layers of tough & sweat-proof makeup without rubbing. It is infused with naturally derived botanical ingredients which helps to soften skin and remove dirt from pores while consisting two types of moisturizing/cleansing ingredients to protect eyelashes & delicate eye area, keeping skin moisturized.

Contains botanical beauty oils (sunflower oil, lavender oil & rosemary oil; moisturizers)
Contains eyelash-protecting ingredients
Contains moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
Contains Vitamin B derivative (panthenol; moisturizer)
Contains Vitamin E derivative (oil-based; tocopherol acetate; moisturizer)
Contains adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)
Mild-irritant formula, synthetic fragrance-free, colorant-free, preservative-free


Allergic, patch, and stinging tests completed, monitored test completed for eye irritation and discomfort
*This does not guarantee that the product will not cause any allergic reaction or skin irritation to any user.
*This does not mean that the product will not cause eye irritation or discomfort to any user.
*Alkanediol = Pentylene glycol (moisturizer)

  • * To remove particularly hard-to-remove waterproof mascara or thickly applied makeup, place a moistened cotton for 20-30 seconds before gently wiping off.
  • * Avoid contact with eyes (close eyes during use). Wash away immediately with water in case of contact with eyes or unusual sensation. Consult an ophthalmologist if any unusual sensation persists.
  • * Eyelash extension wearers: note that in some cases extensions can come off due to cleansing ingredients or friction.

Appropriate amount to use:

A spot about the size of a ping-pong ball